Why do I need a website?

A website is a full color brochure or information center for your business that is always available for potential or current customers. It can be as complex or as simple as you want. You can have a single page of information about your business or multiple pages featuring all that you have to offer.

Although a website can be a substantial initial investment, it is something that you own and can take with you no matter where you go. Customers can "check you out" before ever meeting you or trying out your goods and services. A well designed site will give them a feeling about what type of business you offer. Are you targeting Big Corporations or are you targeting families? Are you a company/ person others can trust? How will your business enhance their lives?

Do you provide shopping carts for the sites you create/ redesign?

None of our sites have needed shopping carts, but it's something that we are interested in pursuing for future sites.

How can I get my site to rank higher on a Google Search?

Google and most other search engines will automatically "crawl" the web and index the site. But it helps to hand submit the site to Google and the top search engines. But just because your site is on Google it doesn't make it a top ten site. Your site is competing with millions of other sites from around the world.

To make it rank higher, you'll need to make it "Google Relevant". Google thinks it's important if the following things are on your site:

  1. Good Content- is your site full of information that other people would want to read. Would other sites want to link to you because you have something interesting to contribute, or you are an expert in the field?
  2. Lots of incoming links- other sites link to you because you complement their sites or you offer something that their customers would want. Directories are good for this but make sure you like what's on these directories. Also, be aware of sites that are only directories. Google will actually penalize your site if you link to these "link farms".
  3. Have something on the site that will make people want to come back to your site again and again. Do you have a newsletter about your promotions? Or do you have new articles on your site relevant to what you are selling?

Will I get tons of business as soon as my site is up or do I need to advertise in other ways?

  1. You'll still need to advertise in the traditional ways (print, TV, radio, magazine ads and flyers). A website will enhance your traditional advertising efforts but will not replace it. You'll get an edge over the competition since people can check out your site once they've heard about you through traditional means.
    One of the simplest and cost effective ways to advertise your business and website is to include a signature line that mentions your business and/ or website in all of your emails.
  2. If you are targeting local clientele, you will want to advertise traditionally because not everyone does searches online or will find your site by typing in Chico, CA. You can submit your site to local online advertising directories but most will charge a monthly or yearly fee.